Bale Implements

With our broad range you're guaranteed to find the baling implements to suit your business and best way of working. A common feature of the whole range is careful design and sound details which ensure maximum productivity and operating reliability.



Quadrogrip is the best implement on the market for handling wrapped square and round bales.
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Bale Spike

Safe and steady when you’re transporting round bales.



A strong and very versatile implement. With Flexibal you get three implements in one.

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Innovative approach to handling round or square bales



For storing the bales upright on top of each other, reducing the risk of air and moisture penetrating.
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Unigrip 220x146.jpg


A good alternative to Flexigrip, depending on your work routines.



Split the bale with ease and cheaply.


Square Bale Fork Safety

Innovation power that increases safety.


Square Bale Fork Standard

A simple, robust implement for both round and square bales.

Implement hooks for various loaders

Quicke has long been able to offer alternative toolcarriers that are suitable for several hook types (Euro, SMS, Farmhand etc.). This increases your options, as you can use both new and old implements.

We can also provide a selection of adapters for other hook systems.

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Selecto Fix

With a simple movement, the implement hydraulics is coupled, easily and without any problems, even when the system is pressurised.



Implement hooks suitable for Quicke series Q, Trima with W-frame and other loader brands with Euro implement carriers.



Suitable for Quicke Combi mount, Trima/Bergsjö with SMSmount, Kellve/Vreten/Howard and any loader with SMS implement carrier.


Quicke Type 3

Suitable for wholly hydraulic loaders previous to Quicke Series Q.

Some implements will also fit loaders with the large and the small implement carrier from BM.

Support and Service

Ålö & Quicke provides worldwide excellent product support. Support is provided by your local dealer.

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With Quicke original parts you can always be sure of receiving spare parts which have been thoroughly tested and at optimum quality – Quicke original quality.

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